Tori’s books are currently closed. She will be reopening them in September 2019 to schedule appointments for October 2019.

Please follow her on Instagram for updates and information for when books will open again. Keep an eye on her stories and posts (turn on notifications for these). She'll use one or the other to let everyone know when books are open again and how to reach her.

If you are waiting to hear back from the latest consultation submission forms, please be patient as she works through them. Every submission will receive a response. If you do not receive one within a week, please reach out to the shop at ritualtattoogallery@gmail.com.

Due to a large volume of submissions, Tori is unable to accept all requests. We genuinely hope to schedule each and every one of you, as time permits.

We will email each of you to coordinate for a consult until we’ve filled spots, then encourage remaining clients to reach out again next round! 

Alternatively, we’ll refer projects to another artist that better suits the idea, style or scope of the tattoo.

We appreciate your time, energy, interest, and going through the submission process with us! Looking forward to working with you!